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    About Us

    Enterprise vision:

    To become a world-class enterprise in the field of automatic identification and data collection.
    Enterprise values: 

    Stick to the right path

    Stick to the best


    1. Pay attention to research and development; 2. Pay attention to design; 3. Pay attention to engineering ability; 4. Pay attention to service; 5. Shorten the link from factory to user;6. Pay attention to sharing, let the right talents share the enterprise achievements;


    Code of conduct:

        1. Strictly observe good deeds: Everyone in YOKO should have a good heart, and must not make damages to colleagues, suppliers, fellow traders, customers, and society for business and personal interests.

        2. Strict integrity: Everyone in YOKO should be honest and must not lose faith in employees, suppliers, customers and society.

        3. Rules of words and deeds: No exaggeration and words hurt colleagues, suppliers, customers, peer friends.

        4. Responsibility: Always be responsible for products and work, focus on every detail of them, be responsible for polishing the details of each product, and be responsible for every job.